Do An Unforgettable TikTok Video Resume!

Do An Unforgettable TikTok Video Resume!

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Using the one minute TikTok gives you to do a "video resume", and using it well, can dramatically help you get noticed by your target employers! 

But doing a video resume -- and TikTok is only one platform -- or doing your 30 second video intro on LinkedIn -- takes more thought and planning than other kinds of videos you make.

Joanne would meet with you to create what you NEED to say --

- That first 1-5 seconds when you need to GRAB the viewer's interest, or you'll lose them

- How to PRESENT your story, where you highlight your skills and qualifications

- How to use VISUALS to support what you're saying

It takes about 8-10 times longer to PREPARE to do the video than it does to film it. Do it right!  In 1-2 hours with Joanne, you'll get there fast. You already know how to do the video part, now get good at the words so the employer books you for an interview. 

You can then also use the content that Joanne helps you develop, for other video platforms, such as your "cover story" on LinkedIn, a tool that's vital for your job search. 

This service also includes Joanne's review of your video. She knows what employers look for and will give you honest feedback on how you look and sound, and will coach you through doing an even stronger version. After all, she's The Job Search Queen!

Movie star status not needed: employers want the BEST candidates so be one of them!

(This is an introductory price...scheduled to increase in January act now!)